EVENT: “Miracle of Purim 1953”

This week, an event featuring Dr Dan Roginsky, Rabbi Yosef Mendelevitch, Dr Yosef Begun and Steve Linde

MIzrachi World Movement in conjunction with Telfed and Wits Alumni

Invite you to a fascinating evening about the

State orchestrated anti-Semitic events in the Soviet Union

 and its satellites leading up to the

“Miracle of Purim 1953”

After 1948 the Soviet Union and it satellites became increasingly anti-Semitic. Many Jews and Communist were arrested, tortured, falsely accused of crimes and executed. Stalin was planning large scale anti-Jewish acts. On Purim 1953, the mass murderer Stalin, a Haman of our time collapsed and died four days later and large number of Jews and others in the Soviet Communist Empire were saved.

An impressive list of speakers include:

Keynote talk by Dr. Dan Roginsky- Expert in Soviet Union Jewry

 Rabbi Doron Perez, Chief Executive – Mizrachi World Movement

Rabbi Yosef Mendelevitch and Dr. Yosef Begun “Prisoners of Zion”

 Dr. Les Glassman, Larry Pfeffer, Roy Scher- Telfed

Mr. Steve Linde – Moderator
Former Editor–in-Chief, Jerusalem Post


Date: March 7, 2017   ט’ אדר תשע”ז

Time: 19:30

Location:  The World Mizrachi Building, 54 King George Street, Jerusalem

No charge

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