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Shlichut Training for English-speaking Rabbis and Educators

Mizrachi World Movement’s Shalhevet Program empowers aspiring men & women, rabbis & educators to become effective leaders in Diaspora communities.
Join our unique program to participate in a variety of sessions with some of Israel’s top scholars & mentors!

Shalhevet training program is geared for native English speakers who possess basic familiarity with the culture and needs of communities in Anglo-Saxon countries. Participants are equipped with practical skills and tools, and benefit from professional guidance within a supportive learning and ideas-sharing environment with the centrality of fostering a love for the Land of Israel, its Torah & its People.

Participants receive a monthly stipend.

Shalhevet focuses on both broadening participants’ knowledge base and building their personal capacity as a shaliach, balancing between practical skills and knowledge from a range of spheres. In order to make the program as relevant and helpful as possible, we teach on a level that will enable participants to give over all the Shiurim we deliver. Lecturers include Rabbi Dr. Moshe Berliner, Mr. Neil Lazarus, Prof. Elliott Malamet, Rabbi Rafi Ostroff, Rabbi Ian Pear, Rabbi Doron Perez, Rabbi Sam Shor, Rabanit Shani Taragin, Rabbi Binyamin Zimmerman and others.

Our two-year curriculum, relevant to aspiring rabbis & educators, consists of three parts:

1)      Halacha and general knowledge relating to communal issues participants will probably face during their shlichut, such as interdenominational dialogue, welcoming singles into the community, relating to university students, dealing with LGBT in the community, encouraging Aliya, running Bar/Bat Mitzvas, making tefilla/Tanach/halacha meaningful, denominational differences, Jewish ethics in a modern world etc.

2)      Useful tools & skills that will come in handy and help participants become the best they can be. Participants receive advanced Chatan/Kallah training [certified by Israel’s Chief Rabbinate] and hear series of lectures on Religious-Zionism, Israel advocacy, public speaking, counseling, mediation, marketing & budgeting, event planning, fund-raising, technology & social media, leadership essentials, relationships & sexuality, fundamentals of Jewish philosophy and more.

3)      The Jewish life-cycle & chagim: studying and discussing topics pertaining to each event, in chronological order, of both the annual calendar (e.g. how to make the High Holidays meaningful, how to run a Chanuka/Purim/Pesach/Yom HaAtzmaut communal event) and the Jewish life cycle (e.g. birth control & abortion, silent birth, chinuch issues, tzniut, chupa, divorce, burial & mourning).

Shalhevet also includes group-bonding elements, such as several half-day tours and two group Shabbatot, designed to galvanize the group into a network of shlichim who can collaborate and gain from each other’s experiences. Participants will be given guidance in preparing a presentation for their peers in the program, which will also provide an atmosphere for feedback and collaboration.

Shalhevet meets in Jerusalem every Sunday evening (September through June), from 18:00 to 21:00 so as to minimize the interference with participants’ studies/work. Each session includes two lectures followed by 30 minutes of group discussion & brainstorming regarding that day’s lectures.

Our first meeting is on 1 Elul 5776, September 4th 2016.

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For more information and to schedule an interview:

Rav Hillel Van-Leeuwen, Educational Director, Mizrachi World Movement:

 052-6868-666  ravhillel@mizrachi.org