With oil supplies around the world fast depleting, researchers around the world have been trying to find an alternative that could sustain the energy needs of mankind. A team at Israel’s Ben Gurion University may have come up with an alternative fuel, made from water and carbon dioxide.

Born in Bobruisk, Belorussia (White Russia) Isaac Nissenbaum became an active Zionist at a very young age. While attending Volozhin he joined the yeshiva’s secret nationalistic association called ‘Netzach Yisrael’, set up when the government forced the closure of the yeshiva. The society demanded that all its members declare their allegiance to Eretz Yisrael.

This is the seventh in a series of classes entitled “Great Decisions”. In this series Rav Pruzansky, the Mora D’Atra of Congregation Bnai Yeshurun in Teaneck, NJ, examines some of the most important decisions made by the Jewish People in the 20th Century.

Why are some people able to overcome challenges and transcend difficult situations while others are not?

Join Ari and Jeremy as they delve into Dr. Victor Frankl’s groundbreaking ideas of the human psyche, the eternal lessons of the story of Exodus and the true power of personal freedom.

Despite the many interpretations that have been offered, the meaning of these verses is very problematic and they seem as baffling as ever. There are three basic questions:

What is the aim of the miraculous event narrated in our story? An explicit answer to this question is to be found in the story itself, twic

Song and music produce religious prophets; speech and words produce learned sages. Song and music can touch every individual deeply and profoundly. Speech and words can only move those with an intellectual background and innate ability.

Rabbi Allen Schwartz continues his indepth exploration of the “Prophetesses of Israel”, with Rivka, Rachel, and Leah

The Jewish calendar is confusing. The Hebrew months have names, but they are Persian in origin. Why do Hebrew months have Persian names? Another question: These names are not employed by the Five Books of Moses or the Books of the Prophets, when were they adopted into our culture?

Kiddush Hashem, sanctifying God’s name, specifically before a gentile all too often is not even about the gentile at all. We use it to hold ourselves to proper conduct, the gentile being a stand-in for our own conscience. We’ll tell our children to be on their best behavior in a mall to make a Kiddush Hashem when it is really good behavior that we want and not the Kiddush Hashem itself.

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