Why are 30% of Buddhist spiritual leaders in the US Jewish?
Why do Israeli’s swarm to the Far East after the army in such overwhelming numbers?
Does Judaism have anything to learn from Buddhism? What about Buddhism from Judaism?
On this weeks podcast Ari and Jeremy tackle the spiritual roots of the far east and compare and contrast the spiritual paths of India and Israel.

By Rabbi Shlomo Riskin
Why does the author of the Haggada call the questioner in this sequence “the wicked child”? The reason that the Haggada itself emphasizes lies in the questioner’s exclusion of himself from the family ritual when he asks, “What is this service to you?” …

Every cellphone owner has experienced the depressing moment when their battery dies at the most inconvenient of times. Veteran Israeli entrepreneurs Victor Vaisleib and Ortal Alpert joined together to create a radical solution to charge a phone without a charger – using infrared light.

by Jeremy Gimpel

Did you know that Israel has more vegetarians per capita than any other Western Country in the world? Israel dwarfs Norway, Sweden and Switzerland and far surpasses the US and Canada. When an international survey was done in 2001, most countries ranged from 1%-4% while Israel was approaching 10%.

by Rav Ilan Goldman – of Bnei Akiva UK

excerpted from –


There are times in which we are faced with questions on Judaism which we, as observant Jews, are expected to deal with, whether it is for the sake of answering ourselves or answering others who question, doubt and challenge our faith.

In our ongoing series of the “Prophetesses of Israel”, Rabbi Allen Schwartz further examines the life and challenges of our Mother Rivka

By Rabbi Moshe Kaplan of Machon Meir Enjoy this audio shiur in which Rabbi Kaplan explores the Unity of Existence through the teaching of Rav Avraham Yitzchak haKohen Kook ztl download of listen [sc_embed_player fileurl=”″]  View part 1 of the series originally published on the Machon Meir website

Rabbi Kook reiterated over and over again that each and every Jew retains a holy spark within the soul and that the Jewish people as a whole, in beginning to revive their national aspirations and rebuilding the Land, were igniting this spark – which most assuredly would bring about the full and complete redemption.

The Gemara says that the most precious learning is ‘Girsa Deyankusa’. What does it mean that you learn like a child? It means that what you are learning is not really clear to you yet but something special is going on. I’m learning Gemara, I don’t really know it yet, I just know a little bit. But that little bit is so precious to me.

from YUTorah by , Rabbi Steven Pruzansky. Released: 2012. This is the fourth in a series of classes entitled “Great Decisions”. In this series Rav Pruzansky, the Mora D’Atra of Congregation Bnai Yeshurun in Teaneck, NJ, examines some of the most important decisions made by the Jewish People in the 20th Century. To see all…

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