PARASHAT PINCHAS: The importance of daily routine, forming habits and creating real change…

PARASHAT PINCHAS: Why does the Torah tell us the sons of Korach didn’t die? Weren’t they swallowed up by the earth?

PARASHAT BALAK: The delegitimization of Israel doesn’t work – Bilam and Modi are proof!

PARASHAT CHUKAT: How can we reject UNESCO claims that the Jews have no connection to Jerusalem & Hebron?

PARASHAT KORACH: How we can learn about the story of Korach from the CEOs of public companies and their salaries!

PARASHAT SHLACH LECHA: Why the Spies sinned when telling the truth about what they saw in the Land of Israel, and how that connects to us today

PARASHAT BEHAALOTCHA: What is the connection between those who were present at Mount Sinai and our children?

Why does Jerusalem have so many names attributed to it? See Rav Perez speaking from the Mount of Olives!

PARASHAT KI TISA: How could the generation who heard God at Mount Sinai have committed idolatry so soon after?

PARASHAT TERUMAH: Why does the donation to the Tabernacle have to be given when his “heart inspires him”?

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