PARASHAT VAERA: Israel has just been named a top super-power – but what is the connection to our Parasha? Watch and find out…

PARASHAT SHEMOT: A short and sharp message connected to this week’s Parasha!

PARASHAT VAYECHI: What can we learn about family disagreements from Yosef and his brothers?

PARASHAT VAYIGASH: So, what is it? It is hinted to in Vayigash…

PARASHAT VAYISHLACH: How Yaakov teaches us why Jews are seemingly treated differently to everyone else.

PARASHAT VAYEITZEI: And not the place makes the person – how a person influences the place in which he finds himself.

PARASHAT TOLDOT: Rav Hirsch at the beginning of our Parasha teaches us a critical lesson on education.

PARASHAT VAYEIRA: Avraham’s journey to Jerusalem and its meaning for us today, especially this year!

PARASHAT BEREISHIT: What is the connection between the creation of the world and the UNESCO resolution denying Jewish connection to the Temple Mount?

PARASHAT KI TAVO: How and where can a person find true happiness? Rav Perez tells us the amazing answer he got from a 90-year-old lady…

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