PARSHAT BEHAALOTCHA: As the summer school vacation begins, what can we learn from the Parsha?

PARSHAT NASO: What does the word “shalom” REALLY mean? Peace?

PARSHAT METZORA: Could it be that God performs miracles via those who aren’t so religious?!

PARSHAT TAZRIA: If someone is not Jewish or not religious, can they still be a good person?

PARSHAT VAYIKRA: What can we learn regarding our interactions with others? Includes bloopers in the spirit of Purim 🙂

PARSHAT PEKUDEI: Why does Moshe have to list in detail all the donations for the Mishkan? What can we learn from this?

PARSHAT VAYAKHEL: How can Shabbat be more important than the Home we build for Hashem?!

PARSHAT KI TISA: How can those who witnessed such miracles sin so terribly?

PARSHAT TETZAVEH: The most important Pasuk in the Torah is a surprising one – do you know what it is and why?

PARSHAT TETZAVEH: Why does the Parsha begin with the seemingly superfluous word “v’atah – and you”?

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