Max was a “Chayal Boded – a Lone Soldier.” He had no blood relatives in Israel, but soon discovered that “family” may be defined by more than biology.

SHAVUOT: Why is the date surrounding the giving of the Torah seemingly shrouded in such mystery?

YOM YERUSHALAYIM: The move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem recognizes the Jews’ spiritual and historical connection to the capital.

PARASHAT EMOR: What is the true nature of the period of the Omer and how are we seeing it today?

YOM HAATZMAUT: David Ben Gurion went against the advice of even his closest advisers when he declared the State.

YOM HAATZMAUT: A significant result of the Declaration of Independence was the removal of restrictions on Jewish immigration for the first time in 1800 years.

YOM HAATZMAUT: Should Rav Maimon have recited the bracha following the Declaration of Independence?

LEIL HASEDER: The Seder seems to be filled with fours – questions, sons, cups, expressions of redemption. But perhaps the fours are really fives…

SHABBAT HAGADOL: Why did David Ben Gurion feel that he could not fully celebrate the birth of the State of Israel?

PARASHAT HACHODESH: What the entry into the month of Nissan symbolizes and how it relates to Israel.

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