IYAR: What is the link between the return of the Jewish people to Zion and the city of Jerusalem?

In the next in Rav Perez’s series on Iyar, we look at our understanding of Israel’s military might – what is the secret?

YOM HAATZMAUT: Are the days of Sefirat HaOmer supposed to be sad? What is this month really all about?

YOM HASHOAH: Trying to understand the Holocaust is like trying to look directly at the sun…

PESACH: What is the connection between the birth of the United States and the birth of the Jewish people?

Why does Jerusalem have so many names attributed to it? See Rav Perez speaking from the Mount of Olives!

PURIM: How both the Barcelona football team and the story of Purim teach us about the possibility of winning when the odds are stacked against you

SHVAT: How Israel’s incredible water technologies are connected to the Jewish people’s relationship with the Land

TU BISHVAT: What the cherry tomato teaches us about the connection between the Land and People of Israel.

PARASHAT BO: What Mark Twain saw 150 years ago, and what we see today…

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