YOM HAATZMAUT: The miracles of the rebirth of the Jewish State are astounding!

YOM HAZIKARON: Har Herzl is full of those who died ‘al kiddush Hashem’, sanctifying God’s name

YOM HASHOAH: How should we relate to difficult questions posed in relation to the Holocaust?

Why David Ben Gurion told the UN that the Jewish People have a different view of history to the rest of the world.

PARSHAT PARA: What is the Chillul Hashem that, thanks to the State of Israel, is not relevant today?

What is the connection between Purim, Amalek and the terror attacks in Brussels?

Rav Perez: “I believe that the challenges surrounding the birth of Zionism and the State of Israel are inherently no more complex than those of Chanukah and Purim. It seems that a definitive trait of epoch-changing times such as Chanukah, Purim and modern Israel is spiritual complexity and halachic controversy.”

“Victory in battle emanates not from the multitude of numbers but rather in the strength given from Heaven” (Yehuda HaMaccabi)

What is the connection between the Titanic and Rosh Hashana?

Leadership Nugget: Shavuot & The Power of Daily Commitment

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