Guidelines for Campaign Videos

Thank you so much for agreeing to make a video for our campaign.

Please note the following guidelines:



1. Please keep the videos up to 60 seconds long with simple messages

2. Please include a clear call to vote for the Orthodox Israel Coalition

3. The call to vote should be said in your first sentence



Here are some tips on how to film the video:

1. Video must be landscape, i.e. the phone should be held horizontally.

2. Middle frame – meaning film the person from the waist up (as this picture shows)

3. Try to be as close to the person as possible so the sound will be useable

4. Try to use a tripod or lean on something steady in order to prevent shaking

5. For best quality of lighting try to film next to a window to use the light from outside or actually film outside (if the sun is out of course)

6. When finished, please send it (in high resolution) to using WeTransfer (, Jumbomail (, or Dropbox.

Please include in the email:
a) your name as well as personal title (Rabbi, Dr…) and institutional title(s) (Rabbi of, Principal of…) as you would like them to appear in the video.
b) Any logos, pictures of your organization and/or it students or any other graphics you recommend be included in the video