Amichai Weitzen hy”d (Photo: Courtesy)

A Gift of Hundreds and Hundreds of Years


On the morning of the attack, a critical line of defense against Hamas were the ‘kitot konenut’, the local security teams, in each of the many kibbutzim. In Kerem Shalom, a mixed religious and secular kibbutz, the 200 residents were saved by the brave actions of their kitat konenut. Tragically, two members of the team were killed. Rabbi Shlomo Weitzen’s words, in memory of his son Amichai, moved the nation, providing deeply powerful chizuk just days after the tragedy.

I am the father of Amichai Weitzen, who has lived in Kerem Shalom for six years. On Shabbat morning the siren sounded. The terrorists began to attack the settlement, and the people of the alert squad immediately jumped and fought like lions for six full hours.

They fought, and our son Amichai fought along with them. Amichai and his friend Yedidya both originally from the settlement of Psagot, a settlement in which I serve as a rabbi – fell in this battle.

While Amichai left us at the age of 33, on the last day of his life he received as a gift many, many more years of life. He saved all the families of the village of Kerem Shalom. One cannot know how many years of life he saved. All of these years may all of his friends and all of his families live many more years and all the years of all their descendants, and all descendants of their descendants!

We were blessed with a precious son who is now 33 years old plus hundreds of hundreds of years!

We are now in a time of war. Our enemies have wounded us and hurt us. But we feel that there is so much strength, strength to cope!

We thought, perhaps, that we were weak and had no strength. But suddenly it became crystal clear: we have great powers! We fight like lions! We are wounded, but like a wounded lion, we shall rise! We will once again find strength and joy!

I call on everyone to believe in our power, to believe in our strength. We will emerge from these painful hours far greater than when we entered them.

War can sometimes do what other days cannot. We do not want war, but if we are destined for war – the war will deliver us anew! A nation is created! A people is reborn!

We will start with a new foot, the right foot, after we defeat these savage enemies. For we now understand who we were dealing with.

All around me, I see everyone is waking up! There is so much strength!

To all the security forces, to all the fighters, I say: Be strong! Have no fear! Do not worry! For if we are afraid we will suffer even more. Due to your bravery, the entire world will finally see what really lies within our special nation.

And we send you our blessing: We gave our most precious gift for the People of Israel. We pray that all of you will return in peace and health, and that we will soon see better times.


Rabbi Shlomo Weitzen is the Rav of Psagot and a Ra”m at Yeshivat Beit El.

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