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A Tekoa Miracle that Began in Chevron


On Sunday night, May 8, Yair Maimon of Tekoa was drinking tea with his wife on his front porch when he spotted an Arab terrorist climbing the security fence a few meters away. Without hesitation, he quickly rushed his wife and seven children inside and grabbed his M16 rifle, which he owned as a civilian member of the community’s security team. When he rushed out his front door, he realized the terrorist had outflanked him. He turned around to discover the terrorist coming towards him with a knife in his hand. At short range, he shot and the killed the terrorist just in time, averting what could have been a disaster for the entire Tekoa community.

“Hi Sivan, I know you don’t usually publish stories like this, but I feel the need to share.

My name is Avraham Maimon, I’m the brother of Yair Maimon, the hero from Tekoa who killed the terrorist who tried to break into his house yesterday.

Here is another side to the story: On Sunday evening, May 8, my mother was sitting in her home in Kiryat Arba, when she began to feel an overwhelming distress in her heart. Although she was tired and exhausted from Shabbat where she hosted all her children, she felt that something big was about to happen.

In a spontaneous decision, she walked down to the Cave of the Patriarchs, the tombs of our fathers and mothers, and began to weep and pray, though she did not know for what.

In those very moments, Yair and his wife decided to go out for tea on the balcony of their house, and you know what happened next. 

When I first called my mother to tell her what was going on, she just replied: “I know something happened. Just tell me everyone is okay.”

There is a hidden world that we do not see: a connection between mother and son; a connection between the Fathers and Mothers of our Nation to us, their children; a connection between Chevron and Gush Etzion; a connection between prayer and reality. May we hear good news.”

A picture uploaded by Tekoa resident Yair Maimon to Facebook on May 9, shows him and his wife drinking coffee outside their home alongside the caption, ‘Waiting for the next terrorist.’ (Photo: Facebook)


Sivan Rahav-Meir is a media personality and lecturer. She lives in Jerusalem with her husband, Yedidya, and their five children, and serves as World Mizrachi’s Scholar-in-Residence. She is a primetime anchor on Channel 2 News, has a column in Israel’s largest newspaper, Yediot Acharonot, and has a weekly radio show on Galei Tzahal (Army Radio).

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