Letters to the Editor – Chanukah Edition 5782

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Rabbi Moshe David Tendler zt”l

If the study of Torah is supposed to mold the personality, consider this about the late Torah scholar, Rabbi Moshe Tendler:

When I was a student at Yeshiva College long ago, a person we would call a bag lady used to come into the cafeteria at dinner time. She was disheveled, she was annoying, she was demanding. Not a sympathetic figure. To the best of my memory, people turned away.

Not Rabbi Moshe Tendler. He approached her as if she were the Queen of England. He spoke to her; he heard her dinner desires.

I do not recall whether he took her to the cafeteria line or went himself, but he brought her dinner either way. Then he escorted her to a seat and made sure she was comfortable, all the while speaking to her, engaging her in conversation, taking his time. He was not rushed. Not put off.

I saw this time and again. That is the Rabbi Moshe Tendler I knew. That is the effect of the Torah I saw. That is the memory of Rabbi Tendler I am left with and the model I have tried to emulate.

Rabbi Dr. Hillel Goldberg
Editor and Publisher,
Intermountain Jewish News
Denver, Colorado, USA


Role model

I would have added a “role model” to Rabbi Doron Perez’s article “The Sacred and the Secular” (HaMizrachi Vol. 4, No. 6) – namely Medinat Yisrael’s first Sephardic Chief Rabbi, Chacham Meir Chai Ben-Zion Uziel. Rabbi Uziel offered a model of Religious Zionism that took into account respect and endearment not only for all Jews but for the non-Jewish residents of Eretz Yisrael. In this time of great divisiveness, that is most certainly a voice in need of being heard today.

David L. Blatt
Chicago, Illinois, USA


In appreciation

Thank you for your outstanding publication, which always offers valuable reading material in shul. I am aware of the input that comes from Jonny Lipczer in this fantastic production and I wanted to use this letter to pay tribute to him for his work.

I am lucky enough to benefit from Jonny’s dedication in my community, and recognize his tireless efforts on behalf of others. He is indefatigable and deserves every accolade afforded to him. Kol Hakavod, Jonny.

Modiin, Israel


Shemitta van

I enjoyed the Sukkot and Simchat Torah edition of HaMizrachi (Vol. 4, No. 5). In particular, Rabbi Yosef Zvi Rimon’s article “Operating the Kitchen During Shemitta” was not only informative but encouraged me to fulfill the mitzvah of enjoying produce with kedusha. Shemitta is a vital mitzvah that we must learn about and teach to our children to appreciate. We should be excited by the chance to “consume holiness” – especially as it’s an opportunity we have only once every seven years. We live in Northern Israel and unfortunately are not able to buy Otzar Beit Din produce here. But I’m hopeful that Otzar HaAretz may one day grace us with a “Shemitta van” – similar to the concept of an ice cream truck, but for Shemitta produce.

I dream of one day seeing a van driving through our streets playing Jewish music and selling Shemitta produce, bringing the holy fruits and vegetables of the Shemitta year to every community in Israel. I hope Otzar HaAretz will take up my bright idea and that it will be as easy as pie – or should I say ice cream – to arrange! Thanks for your excellent magazine!

Migdal HaEmek, Israel

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