Letters to the Editor – Pesach Edition 5782

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Ricka Razel

It was a great joy to design the cover of the HaMizrachi Purim edition (Vol. 4, No. 9) – and particularly gratifying given a conversation I had earlier today. I work in a clinic and showed the magazine to one of the women I work with who is a member of the Satmar community in Borough Park. She was ecstatic to see that we featured a woman, Ricka Razel, on the cover. “I have daughters and I want them to see images of their role models!” She took my copy of the magazine to bring home to her daughters and “to learn more about this Ricka!’

Ilan Block
Monsey, New York, USA



I really enjoyed the insightful and interesting articles on Shemitta in the Tu BiShvat edition (Vol. 4, No. 8), which were very educational and eye-opening, particularly for people in the Diaspora who don’t get to see this mitzvah in action. I want to add, on a personal note, that Shemitta does not only affect farmers. Though often overlooked, people who have professions in landscaping, garden design and building are also profoundly affected by the Shemitta year. Having to take a break from what is our main source of income is intense and stressful, though it does reinforce our faith in Hashem and our strong connection to the Holy Land.

Daniel Hyman
Yad Binyamin, Israel

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