Head Delegate Role and Guidelines

A. General

Thank you for your interest in and help with the World Orthodox Israel Congress. The Congress will be iy”H a watershed event that launches the network of the international Orthodox community.

Over the coming months we look forward to working together with Head Delegates from cities and communities around the world to build the delegations from each city, the agenda and program of the Congress, and constructive personal and working relationships beyond. 

(The first and most important Head Delegate role is building the delegation. Although we are eager to involve Head Delegates in Congress planning, Head Delegates can choose to not involve themselves, limit their involvement, and/or delegate this area to another member of the city’s delegation.)

B. The Role in Detail

1. Building the delegation

a. ‘Mapping’ the city’s organizations – Compiling a list of the communal organizations who should be invited to the Congress. We are happy to provide you with our list of organizations for your community.

b. Identifying delegates – Working with each organization to identify and confirm the leaders (professional and lay/male and female) who will represent the organization.

c. Building the team – Focusing the delegates to  work together on behalf of their community’s priorities..

2. Representing the city in Congress planning and beyond

a. Representing the city’s delegation in conversation and planning sessions with other head delegates and the Congress organizers.

b. Serving as the city’s point person within the network of the international Orthodox community beyond the conference.