The Mizrachi Legacy Initiative

Ensuring a vibrant future for Israel and our global Jewish family

Help Mizrachi preserve the critical connection between Israel, Torah, and Jews worldwide


Jewish destiny has always been intertwined with tzedakah and community. Through leaving a legacy to Mizrachi, you will ensure a strong connection to Israel, a steadfast Jewish identity for the next generation, and perpetuate this noble promise.

Mizrachi has been educating and inspiring Jews worldwide for over 120 years. Generations have been nurtured to appreciate the inextricable bond between us and our homeland. Below are some of the ways Mizrachi continues to cultivate that connection:


Mizrachi is active in schools, synagogues, college campuses, and communities, providing shlichim, rabbis, educational resources and inspirational programs that enable and enhance Jewish life and learning, and a strong connection to modern-day Israel.


Representing your values, Mizrachi is the umbrella Religious Zionist movement and official representative in Israel’s national institutions. Through its Jerusalem center it is the home of World Mizrachi, World Bnei Akiva, Torah MiTzion and many other partners.


Mizrachi supports thousands of students during their transformative year in Israel experience, helping develop lifelong, educated leaders for Israel and our communities.


For anyone considering a legacy to Mizrachi, we are pleased to offer access to impartial legal advice – a complimentary initial estate-planning consultation – to help you with your will.

Please note: Mizrachi is not responsible for this legal advice and recommends contacting your local lawyer/accountant for specific guidance.


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