Mizrachi Madness

What is Mizrachi Madness?

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Top 20

Here are the current top 20 vote-getters:

ðŸ—ģ Rabbi Lenny Matanky
ðŸ—ģ Martin Oliner
ðŸ—ģ Chaya Neuberger
ðŸ—ģ Rabbi Joshua Kahn
ðŸ—ģ Rabbi Chaim Marcus
ðŸ—ģ Rabbi Steven Miodownick
ðŸ—ģ Rabbi Jeff Rothman
ðŸ—ģ Rabbi Moses Haber
ðŸ—ģ Josh Koegel
ðŸ—ģ Benjy Aryeh
ðŸ—ģ Rabbi Yossie Levine
ðŸ—ģ Noam Josse
ðŸ—ģ Miriam Charnoff
ðŸ—ģ Rabbi Moshe Hauer
ðŸ—ģ Dr. Judith Rosen
ðŸ—ģ Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz
ðŸ—ģ Rabbi Gil Student
ðŸ—ģ Jacob Rosenfeld
ðŸ—ģ Elior Holzer
ðŸ—ģ Rabbi Gershon Segal



Apple Pac winners:

🏆 Moshe Wolff (New Rochelle, NY and Yeshivat Torat Shraga)
🏆 Rebecca Salman (Brooklyn, NY)
🏆 Chaya Neuberger (Baltimore, MD and Michlala)
🏆 Rabbi Steven Miodownick (Highland Park, NJ)

Seforim Sale winners:

🏆 Aryana Bibi Ritholtz (New York, NY)
🏆 Rabbi Chaim Poupko (Englewood, NJ)


The Rules

ðŸĪŠ 1 voter = 1 ticket for you
ðŸĪŠ Get 10 extra tickets for every 10 votes collected
ðŸĪŠ You receive tickets for people who vote through your personalized link
ðŸĪŠ You only get tickets for getting others to vote; your vote does not result in a raffle ticket for you
ðŸĪŠ Minimum of 5 votes required to enter raffles
ðŸĪŠ Winner’s referral votes will be subject to review
ðŸĪŠ Rules subject to change
ðŸĪŠ Mizrachi employees and agents are excluded from the draw



❓ Contact info@voteoic.org with any questions