Mizrachi Musmachim

World Mizrachi’s Premiere Semicha Program

Mizrachi Musmachim is World Mizrachi’s premiere semicha program for native English speakers learning and living in Israel. It is a unique blend of strong religious Zionist students looking to serve leadership roles in Jewish communities throughout the world and a program dedicated to excellence in Torah scholarship, practical application of knowledge, and pastoral training.

Entering into its third year, it has already created a strong group of more than 20 dedicated students who are committed to advanced study leading to practical application.


The Three Intertwined Elements

The program is unique in that it is built around three intertwined elements. The interrelationship between the elements is what makes the program unique and enables it to offer training and experience to a wide array of rabbinic scholars.


Element 1 – Learning of Classical Semicha Topics with an eye towards applying them in the here and now.

Element 2 – Applying the Principles to the Unique Reality of our modern world: Learning about technology, medicine, business practices, contemporary eruvin, etc. in a manner that allows for application.

Element 3 – Rabbinic Training: Writing, speaking, educational technology, pastoral psychology, rabbinic counseling, etc.


One of the strengths of the program is that all 3 elements are learned together. Study of a topic from the classic sources is accompanied by learning from experts in the field about the application of the halachic principles to contemporary issues, and the training of the rabbis to deal with issues from an educational and pastoral level as well.


The goal: Knowledgeable and Relevant Rabbis

The program prepares rabbis for community functions in a way where their knowledge is relevant to their constituency, and they have the educational and pastoral tools to express the beauty of the Torah and its application to contemporary realities.



In order to ensure our students are advancing in their learning in a way where their knowledge will serve them in the future, the participants are routinely tested throughout the year.


Va’ad HaRabbanim

Our semicha is also unique in that it is provided by a distinguished cadre of religious Zionist rabbanim including Rav Yaakov Ariel, Rav Yosef Zvi Rimon, Rav Yosef Carmel, and Rav Benzion Algazi.


Guest Speakers and Educational Tiyulim

Beyond the advanced daily and weekly learning, the program has the opportunity to hear from great rabbinic leaders, including preeminent poskim and seasoned rabbinic leaders.


For questions about the program feel free to contact Rav Binyamin Zimmerman, Rosh Kollel and Program Director, at ravbinyamin@mizrachi.org 


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