PARSHAT KI TAVO: The blessings and curses seem to be lacking equality – why is that?

PARSHAT KI TEITZEI: Rav Perez on the centrality of marriage in this week’s mitzva-packed Parsha

PARSHAT EIKEV: “You can buy the most comfortable bed in the world, but can never buy a serene and restful life” ~ Rav Doron Perez

PARSHAT PINCHAS: Rav Shaul Feldman investigates what we can learn from the whole episode of Pinchas’ zealotry

IQ, Intelligence and Leadership

Terrorism, Anti-Semitism and Amalek

What our modern leaders can learn from the wisdom of our Sages, the leaders of old.

Why real leaders need to “Heal A Fractured World”

Rav Kook, Moshe Rabbeinu and Leadership – what Parshat Yitro teaches us

“Nachshon’s greatness lies in the fact that he was prepared to risk his life and commit to the daring act of going into the sea at this crucial time. Anyone could have done it, but nobody did.”

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