PARASHAT BESHALACH: “It is this ability to remember and act upon such menial tasks, while carrying out his key role within the historic events at the time that reflects Moses’s true heroism.”

PARASHAT BO: What is the connection between this week’s parasha and the search for modern murderers and terrorists?

PARASHAT VAERA: Which parallels can we see between the Exodus and the Ingathering of the Exiles in our time?

PARASHAT VAERA: Why does Moshe bring up his speech impediment and what does this have to do with his lineage?

PARASHAT SHEMOT: Perhaps the redemption in our days is greater than the miracles of the Exodus from Egypt?

PARASHAT VAYECHI: Yaakov says his brothers will “admit” to him – what does that mean and what can we learn from Yehuda?

PARASHAT VAYIGASH: How Yosef changed over the course of his life and what we can learn from him in our lives

PARASHAT VAYISHLACH: The connection between the 29th November and Yaakov’s name change.

PARASHAT VAYISHLACH: How Yaakov Avinu was an example of Religious Zionism

PARASHAT VAYEITZEI: Why Leah only thanked God for her fourth child and what we can learn from her.

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