PARASHAT CHUKAT: Why was Moshe punished with exclusion from entry to the Land of Israel after the incident at the Rock?

PARASHAT KORACH: Why what Korach displayed was abhorrent and how we should learn from him to improve our own lives.

PARASHAT SHLACH LECHA: Is the glass half empty or half full? What was the problem with the report of the Ten Spies?

PARASHAT SHLACH LECHA: Why did the Jews seemingly doubt that God could bring them to the Land of Israel? Hasn’t He just brought them out of slavery with miracle upon miracle?

PARASHAT NASO: The connection between the priestly blessings and the clashes on the Gaza border

PARASHAT MATOT-MASEI: What lesson the death of Aharon holds for the State of Israel today…

PARASHAT PINCHAS: The importance of daily routine, forming habits and creating real change…

PARASHAT PINCHAS: Why does the Torah tell us the sons of Korach didn’t die? Weren’t they swallowed up by the earth?

PARASHAT BALAK: The delegitimization of Israel doesn’t work – Bilam and Modi are proof!

PARASHAT CHUKAT: How can we reject UNESCO claims that the Jews have no connection to Jerusalem & Hebron?

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