PARASHAT KORACH: How we can learn about the story of Korach from the CEOs of public companies and their salaries!

PARASHAT SHLACH LECHA: Why the Spies sinned when telling the truth about what they saw in the Land of Israel, and how that connects to us today

PARASHAT BEHAALOTCHA: What is the connection between those who were present at Mount Sinai and our children?

PARASHAT VAYEITZEI: And not the place makes the person – how a person influences the place in which he finds himself.

THE THREE WEEKS: The legacy of Aharon HaKohen. The second in a 3 part series connected to the Three Weeks.

PARASHAT BALAK: What links Balak and Bilaam to BDS?

PARASHAT CHUKAT: What is the connection between this week’s Parasha and the Second Lebanon War, which began 10 years ago?

PARASHAT BALAK: “Why does Bilaam wish to die an honest death rather than live an honest life?”

PARSHAT KORACH: What do CEOs of US public companies and Korach have in common?

PARSHAT SHLACH LECHA: What we can learn about self-image and self-confidence from the Spies

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