PARASHAT VAYECHI: Yaakov says his brothers will “admit” to him – what does that mean and what can we learn from Yehuda?

PARASHAT VAYIGASH: How Yosef changed over the course of his life and what we can learn from him in our lives

PARASHAT VAYISHLACH: The connection between the 29th November and Yaakov’s name change.

PARASHAT VAYISHLACH: How Yaakov Avinu was an example of Religious Zionism

PARASHAT VAYEITZEI: Why Leah only thanked God for her fourth child and what we can learn from her.

PARASHAT TOLDOT: What can we learn about the way we educate and treat our children from Yaakov and Eisav?

PARASHAT CHAYEI SARAH: Why do UNESCO deny the Jewish connection to the place where our Patriarchs and Matriarchs are buried?

PARASHAT LECH LECHA: What we can learn from the founders of air flight and the Jewish people

PARASHAT NOACH: Why Noach was not chosen as the forefather of the Jewish people and what he could have learnt from the Israeli startup

PARASHAT VAYECHI: What can we learn about family disagreements from Yosef and his brothers?

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