PARASHAT VAERA: Which parallels can we see between the Exodus and the Ingathering of the Exiles in our time?

PARASHAT VAERA: Why does Moshe bring up his speech impediment and what does this have to do with his lineage?

PARASHAT SHEMOT: Perhaps the redemption in our days is greater than the miracles of the Exodus from Egypt?

PARASHAT KI TISA: How could the generation who heard God at Mount Sinai have committed idolatry so soon after?

PARASHAT TERUMAH: Why does the donation to the Tabernacle have to be given when his “heart inspires him”?

PARASHAT VAERA: Israel has just been named a top super-power – but what is the connection to our Parasha? Watch and find out…

PARASHAT SHEMOT: A short and sharp message connected to this week’s Parasha!

PARSHAT PEKUDEI: Why does Moshe have to list in detail all the donations for the Mishkan? What can we learn from this?

PARSHAT VAYAKHEL: How can Shabbat be more important than the Home we build for Hashem?!

PARSHAT KI TISA: How can those who witnessed such miracles sin so terribly?

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