PARSHAT TETZAVEH: The most important Pasuk in the Torah is a surprising one – do you know what it is and why?

PARSHAT TETZAVEH: Why does the Parsha begin with the seemingly superfluous word “v’atah – and you”?

PARSHAT TERUMAH: What can we learn from the way the Ark was instructed to be built?

PARSHAT MISHPATIM: What the Eved Ivri teaches us about the way we treat those around us

PARSHAT YITRO: Why was Mount Sinai called so, and what has that got to do with anti-Semitism?

PARSHAT BESHALACH: This week, Rav Perez’s short video on the weekly Parsha focuses on Moshe’s challenge and his reaction.

PARSHAT BO: Rav Perez presents this week’s short video on the weekly Parsha – enjoy!

PARSHAT BO: What is the true meaning behind the Mitzvot of Tefillin and Mezuzah?

PARSHAT VAERA: Rav Perez presents a new, short video on the weekly Parsha – enjoy!

IQ, Intelligence and Leadership

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