In a world which allows for unprecedented encounters and exchange on a global scale, Amudim is a new kind of Shana ba-Aretz experience that opens exciting intellectual and spiritual horizons by offering:

-An innovative style which empowers each student to bring her own voice to Torah learning.
-Seamless harmonization of traditional and modern scholarship.
-A derekh ha-limmud, the necessary toolbox for lifelong independent Torah study.
-The Land of Israel itself as a Beit Midrash, with classes regularly taking place off-campus—at the Bible Lands Museum, Bar-Ilan campus, the National Library and in the Old City.
-Special weekly seminars which introduce students to the eclectic world of Jewish scholarship that exists exclusively in Israel.
-Honest conversation about essential and existential issues such as the existence of God, free will, the afterlife, the problem of evil and suffering, the composition of Torah texts, and the interaction between Judaism and modern values and ethics.
-One-of-a-kind tiyulim and extracurriculars that bring the values of Amudim to life.
-A warm thoughtful environment that inspires steadfast Shmirat ha-Mitzvot and love of Torah.

The only program exclusively for English-speaking women to engage them with Jewish texts in the fullest possible way, Amudim stands at the forefront of advanced Torah education, addressing the needs and expectations of a motivated cadre of young women seeking to look beyond the “what” to explore the “whys” and “hows” of Torah, Jewish thought and culture.

Address: Jerusalem

Rosh Hamidrasha: Dr. Julie Goldstein


Dr. Julie Goldstein

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