At MMY, it is our conviction that Torah study, for women as for men, must be conducted seriously, intellectually and analytically. This is accomplished through intensive textual study; each major shiur in Tanach and Halacha/Torah Sheb’al Peh is preceded by approximately an hour of bet midrash preparation. It is also our firm conviction that the purpose of all learning must be to inspire and develop genuine religious growth within our students.

We are a Religious Zionist school in every sense of the term, emphasizing the absolute centrality of both Eretz Yisrael and Medinat Yisrael. We stress Aliya as well as involvement in the many needs of Am Yisrael as essential components of Avodat Hashem.

Address: Derech Chevron 60, Yerushalayim

Director: Rabbi David Katz


Rabbi David Katz

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