It is MTC’s belief that a person needs to both learn Torah and live Torah. At MTC, we put this belief into practice by learning Torah in the mornings and evenings, and living Torah in the afternoons. Our students take what they learn and apply it in their afternoon work with the children of Bet Elazraki. Through the power of giving to another, a person enhances their own personal spiritual growth. As our students quickly grow to appreciate, these two values of Torah and Chessed are mutually enhancing.

At MTC, we pride ourselves on our unique family atmosphere. Our dedicated staff work around the clock to ensure that the students receive the care and attention that they need and deserve. The high staff-to-student ratio means that there is always someone available to offer support and guidance to the students. Students and teachers are regularly found learning together in chavrutot and discussing important topics – at MTC our doors are always open. The warm, caring and supportive atmosphere allows each student to grow at her own pace and in a most real and profound way. Our family environment creates strong connections which continue long after our students have left the walls of MTC.

Address: Rabbi Tarfon 7, Netanya, Israel

Menahel: Mrs. Shira Melamed

Assistant Director: Alexis Levy




Mrs. Shira Melamed

Alexis Levy

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