Mount Sinai Jewish Center is a vibrant Modern Orthodox synagogue with a rich history spanning more than 100 years in Washington Heights. It is the center of a cohesive and inclusive community which maintains traditional halachic observance while engaging the next generation of Jewish leaders. We serve a diverse and multi-generational community through an array of religious, social, and educational services and programs.

In addition to meaningful daily, Shabbat, and Holiday tefillot, we offer stimulating shiurim on a wide variety to topics, frequent scholars-in-residence, peer-led and individual learning opportunities in our Beit Midrash; a variety of social programs for young professionals, recent college graduates, seniors, married couples, and families; and volunteer opportunities which benefit the broader Washington Heights Jewish community.

Address: 135 Bennett Ave, New York, NY 10040

Education Committee co-chair: Davida Kollmar



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