Yeshivat Eretz HaTzvi, located in Jerusalem, is renowned for its broad and personalized curriculum, proud Modern Orthodox and Religious Zionist ideology and close rabbi-student relationship. Our students gain a passion for Torah through serious study, and are given the tools to prepare for leading a religious life on campus and beyond. Our staff is highly-qualified religiously and academically, and have a long-lasting commitment to students, from chavruta learning to campus visits. With students from North America, Europe and the Southern Hemisphere, Eretz HaTzvi is a diverse and dynamic place to be.

Address: 32 Yossi Ben Yoezer, Jerusalem

Roshei Yeshiva: Rav Yehuda Susman, Rav David Ebner
Educational Director: Rav Benny Pflanzer
Associate Directors: Rav Todd Berman, Rav Yitz Motzen, Michael Rainsbury



Rav Tuvia Berman

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