Some people are afraid of Shemitta sanctity in the kitchen. But we must remember that it is a great privilege to eat Shemitta produce after thousands of years of exile, when our ancestors could only dream of doing so. We will now learn the rules of dealing with Shemitta produce, and see that it is not complicated.

Serving for 33 years as Rabbi of Congregation Ahavath Torah in Englewood, New Jersey, Rabbi Shmuel Goldin grew the congregation from 350 families to nearly 800 families, making Ahavath Torah one of the largest Orthodox congregations in America.

PARASHAT CHUKAT: Why was Moshe punished with exclusion from entry to the Land of Israel after the incident at the Rock?

PARASHAT KORACH: Why what Korach displayed was abhorrent and how we should learn from him to improve our own lives.

Max was a “Chayal Boded – a Lone Soldier.” He had no blood relatives in Israel, but soon discovered that “family” may be defined by more than biology.

PARASHAT SHLACH LECHA: Is the glass half empty or half full? What was the problem with the report of the Ten Spies?

PARASHAT SHLACH LECHA: Why did the Jews seemingly doubt that God could bring them to the Land of Israel? Hasn’t He just brought them out of slavery with miracle upon miracle?

Mizrachi marks 120 years of the passing of the founder of the concept of “Mizrachi” – Rabbi Shmuel Mohilever

PARASHAT NASO: The connection between the priestly blessings and the clashes on the Gaza border

SHAVUOT: Why is the date surrounding the giving of the Torah seemingly shrouded in such mystery?

YOM YERUSHALAYIM: The move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem recognizes the Jews’ spiritual and historical connection to the capital.

PARASHAT BECHUKOTAI: How, if we look closer, one of the curses might not be so bad after all, especially in light of the State of Israel.

PARASHAT EMOR: What is the true nature of the period of the Omer and how are we seeing it today?

YOM HAATZMAUT: David Ben Gurion went against the advice of even his closest advisers when he declared the State.

PARASHAT KEDOSHIM: What are some of the laws connected to the Land of Israel even when we are not in the Land?

YOM HAATZMAUT: A significant result of the Declaration of Independence was the removal of restrictions on Jewish immigration for the first time in 1800 years.

PARASHAT SHEMINI: What can we learn about the importance of chesed from the kashrut laws?

YOM HAATZMAUT: Should Rav Maimon have recited the bracha following the Declaration of Independence?

LEIL HASEDER: The Seder seems to be filled with fours – questions, sons, cups, expressions of redemption. But perhaps the fours are really fives…

SHABBAT HAGADOL: Why did David Ben Gurion feel that he could not fully celebrate the birth of the State of Israel?

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