PARASHAT VAYIKRA: “There is no contradiction with being a believing and practicing Torah Jew and to be a believer in science.”

PARASHAT PARAH: What can we learn about the value of life from the special Torah reading?

PURIM: What is it about the Purim story that makes it so significant in Jewish history?

PARASHAT KI TISSA: “True unity does not require sameness or uniformity but actually celebrates our differences and recognizes the unique contribution each individual brings to the collective.”

PARASHAT ZACHOR: What is Iran’s issue with Israel – they have no territorial claims or other obvious military reason for the animosity?

PARASHAT TETZAVEH: Why is there an emphasis on Moshe being spoken to? Isn’t it obvious? What can we learn from this?

PARASHAT TERUMAH: Why was the Menorah chosen as the symbol for the State of Israel?

PARASHAT TERUMAH: Korbanot – How exactly can one get closer to Hashem through the killing of an innocent lamb?

PARASHAT MISHPATIM: What is the connection between these two elements God says he will bring before entering the Land of Israel?

PARASHAT MISHPATIM: What came first: the giving of the Torah or Moshe going up the mountain?

PARASHAT YITRO: The connection between Aliya as Golda Meir witnessed and this week’s parasha.

PARASHAT BESHALACH: When we left Egypt, we also left Egyptian society and now have the responsibility of being an “or lagoyim”, a “light unto the nations”.

PARASHAT BESHALACH: “It is this ability to remember and act upon such menial tasks, while carrying out his key role within the historic events at the time that reflects Moses’s true heroism.”

PARASHAT BO: What is the connection between this week’s parasha and the search for modern murderers and terrorists?

PARASHAT VAERA: Which parallels can we see between the Exodus and the Ingathering of the Exiles in our time?

PARASHAT VAERA: Why does Moshe bring up his speech impediment and what does this have to do with his lineage?

PARASHAT SHEMOT: Perhaps the redemption in our days is greater than the miracles of the Exodus from Egypt?

PARASHAT VAYECHI: Yaakov says his brothers will “admit” to him – what does that mean and what can we learn from Yehuda?

PARASHAT VAYIGASH: How Yosef changed over the course of his life and what we can learn from him in our lives

CHANUKAH: Why are we commanded to light the candles, when the biggest miracle seems to be the military victory? And how is this connected to Rav Shteinman zt”l?

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