PARASHAT NOACH: Why Noach was not chosen as the forefather of the Jewish people and what he could have learnt from the Israeli startup

What a surprise when the Prime Minister of Israel is on the phone to thank you!

SUKKOT: In spite of existential threats, Israelis are happy! But why? And what is the connection to Sukkot?

SUKKOT: Using beautiful things seems a little strange when for simcha and in service of God?

Watch short trailer and see details of the world premiere for this important movie

South African Olga Meshoe takes the BDS accusation and totally dismisses it, as well as many of the other lies the movement espouses

Inspiration from Yom Kippur by Dudi Sela who retires before the start of the holy day

YOM KIPPUR: How their attitudes relate to the essence of our Teshuva

YOM KIPPUR: Rabbi Sacks wrote a brilliant article highlighting the “drama of the Jewish High Holy Days”.

YOM KIPPUR: What a Sage in the Gemara learnt from a little girl, and what we can learn from her on Yom Kippur!

His speech criticizing the PA left the delegates literally stunned and speechless – a must watch!

Israel has become a world leader in water technology – see the amazing story how it happened…

Her trip for the holiday period to see her family was cut short to join her Israeli colleagues

ROSH HASHANAH: Would you build a house without an architect? On our thoughts for the year ahead…

ROSH HASHANAH: Why do we say God “hears” and “listens” to the shofar?

ROSH HASHANAH: Explaining the 3 types of Shofar, our approach to Teshuva and returning to the Land of Israel.

PRE-ROSH HASHANAH: What Covey teaches us about the difference between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

PARASHAT NITZAVIM-VAYEILECH: We are told that the Jewish people will return to Hashem twice – how so?

PARASHAT NITZAVIM-VAYEILECH: Why are we praised for bringing our little children to hakhel when they will just disturb their parents?

When Netanyahu was Finance Minister, he made drastic reforms to create Israel’s booming economy – how and what was his inspiration?

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