The long-serving leader of his community in Englewood, NJ, made Aliya this week – hear him talk about his thoughts…

Religious tolerance and freedom of religion being practiced in the holiest city in the world…

PARASHAT KI TAVO: Watch the J Street founder contend that maybe Israel is a bad idea and Rav Perez’s response.

PARASHAT KI TAVO: What is the curse “one who strikes his fellow in hiding”?

PARASHAT KI TAVO: Why are we told that calamities happen to us due to lack of happiness doing mitzvot?

This video destroys the opinion that it is the “occupation” which is the cause for Palestinian terror…

“He [Omar] crossed the mountain top with a knife; As the struggle intensified, he laid the Zionists down to sleep (i.e., he stabbed them to death)”

“The Jewish State is measured by its response when our brothers around the world are in crisis”

PARASHAT KI TEITZEI: The Torah presents us with an amazing view on war and conflict, in opposition to extremist viewpoints

PARASHAT KI TEITZEI: Why are the laws concerning weddings repeated here in Sefer Devarim? They seem to be out of place.

PARASHAT KI TEITZEI: What Kayin, Hevel, wool and linen teach us about utilizing our unique strengths

Houston’s Bnei Akiva shaliach helping the local community to save those in danger following Hurricane Harvey

Brought up to hate Israel, this Muslim from Bangladesh is the first from his country to visit the Jewish state

UN Watch exposed tens of UNWRA teachers who incited to terrorism or antisemitism on Facebook.

PARASHAT SHOFTIM: What is the source for the Israel Defense Force’s moral code of combat?

PARASHAT SHOFTIM: Just prior to battle, officers would show incredible compassion and empathy at such a critical moment

PARASHAT SHOFTIM: What our communities can learn from the story of the egla arufa – the unidentified murder victim.

Watch this satirical music video about the constant lies told to the UN!

They are all victims of Palestinian terror tactics.

Watch as 233 North American Jews come home to Israel in moving scenes from JFK to Ben Gurion

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