Even though there are several tensions between the Religious Zionist and Haredi elements of Israeli society, Chazan says that these are not an issue in the platoon. “I would be happy for the politicians to come here and see how we learn to unite without these tensions! In Netzach Yehuda we have Haredim, Religious Zionists and, in the headquarters, also secular.

In this entertaining and eye opening episode, Ari & Jeremy deconstruct then reconstruct the idea society plays in wealth distribution. Why should one give charity? Should it be regimented? Who should it go to? Are there superior forms of charity?

For the first time, a minyan will be held this Shabbat on Kibbutz Nir Am. Members of the youth movement Ariel in Sderot will walk the 20 minutes from the town to the nearby secular Kibbutz Nir Am.

Habayit Hayehudi Chairman, Minister Naftali Bennett, wrote an unprecedented letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu regarding the Committee for Equal Burden in Army Service. In his letter, he claims that the committee has violated coalition agreements regarding sanctions against Haredim who do not enlist.

Rabbi Binny Freedman – Slavery? Masters? Is this the reason we left Egypt behind us, to create our own system of slavery? Just last week, in the portion of Yitro, the Jewish people received the Torah, and began their journey to fulfill a dream, and create an ethical society on the way to a better world.

Our parsha takes us through a bewildering transition. Until now in Shemot we have been carried along by the sweep and drama of the narrative: the Israelites’ enslavement, their hope for freedom, the plagues, Pharaoh’s obstinacy, their escape into the desert, the crossing of the Red Sea, the journey to Mount Sinai and the great covenant with God.

Generally speaking, when we come across a reference to angels in the Torah, we do not necessarily have to engage in an extensive “pshat” investigation. In most cases, the intention of the verse is to basically refer to God, perhaps with the added import that it is a relatively indirect action of God.

In response to the recent publication of a ruling by the Chief Rabbinate which states that Jewish law prohibits girls from enlisting in the IDF, Rabbis Shlomo Riskin and Yuval Cherlow have publicized their views.

Eight and a half years have passed since the Disengagement from Gush Katif and northern Samaria. Many children and youth today did not experience the event and do not know the history inherent in this region. It was decided to enable schools to dedicate a day entirely to the study of Gush Katif, to be held…

“This is an important step that symbolizes the unity of the people. The appointment of one Chief Rabbi raises only one question: why it has not happened before. This is a move which would symbolize national unity. Nowadays, when Ashkenazim marry with Sephardim, with Teimanim and all communities, it is clear there is no reason for two Chief Rabbis.”

With the launch of their new website www.mizrachi.org, they have initiated a video campaign directed at one of the most insular and impenetrable demographics in the Jewish world. They are bypassing traditional obstacles to engagement with the community through a unique and entertaining YouTube campaign disseminated through their own media channels, ultra-orthodox websites, blogs and forums bringing a religious Zionist message to a demographic of Jews largely ignored by mainstream Jews.

The new Israeli proverb could be summed up in a word as aquaponics. Moti Cohen is pioneering a new spin on an old method, in Israel. His approach is a combination of aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (growing plants on water).He’s building aquaponics farms and is consulting for agencies, such as the United Nations, on how to make aquafarms successful.

“The platform of Mizrachi rests upon its desire to impress upon the hearts of those opposed (to Zionism) a love of Zion; while at the same time to create in the heart of the (irreligious) Zionists – a love for the Jewish religion. It would be our wish to take these two and to synthesize them into one total Judaism, thereby having a complete creation, one which retains the Torah as its soul, the nation as its body, with its place in Eretz Israel.”

This week Rabbi Allen Schwartz of Ohev Zedek explores the life of the Prophetess Miriam. This material originally appeared on YU Torah

What can there be in common between the practical advice of a Midianite and the timeless words of revelation itself? There is an intended contrast and it is an important one. The forms and structures of governance are not specifically Jewish. They are part of chokhmah, the universal wisdom of humankind.

Science today is progressing at a historically unprecedented rate producing fundamental paradigm shifts in the way we understand the very fabric of existence. As the “what’s” and the “how’s” of science progress so rapidly, the deepest question remains unanswered – “why”? Are there spiritual insights we can glean from this knowledge? What are we supposed to do with this knowledge? These are the questions Ari & Jeremy grapple with in this episode of “Israel Inspired”.

Perhaps the best description of Yitro based upon the Torah’s selection of stories is that he was on a mission to discover truth. He was a marvelous listener, curious and philosophical, open to hearing and exploring anything that might lead him to the truth.

In a joint venture of the Union of Synagogues and JNF, there has been a renewal of the “Planting” prayer (Tefillat HaNote’a) for this Tu B’Shvat, to be used at planting ceremonies held throughout the country.

History’s ultimate goal of universal fulfillment and total blessing necessitates exposing the Divine Ideal that manifests itself through Israel’s national life of kedusha. While the Segula of Israel is eternal and unchangeable, the Hebrew mission is to reveal it on the highest level possible in order to drive humanity closer to achieving a perfect world.

By Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel – In a few months we will witness history in Israel. An ancient and revolutionary idea, all but lost, will be resurrected. This concept is not only an ancient commandment but also reflects a fundamental principle in an ideal Jewish society. Shemitat Ksafim – The annulment of debt.

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