The Story of Dror Weinberg, a high ranking combat soldier in the Israeli army who was seen by many to one day become the chief of Staff of the IDF. Dror was unfortunately killed in a battle in the city of Hebron in 2002.

This video was made as a tribute to all those who have fought and falled over the years for the Jewish homeland of Israel.

These mitzvot are given to not only each and every Jew to be safeguarded in our private lives but also the Hebrew Nation to be performed as a collective.

by Rabbi Stephen Pruzansky
Denominational Wars Mixed Rabbinic Boards

Check out this report about how India is using Israeli innovation and agricultural technology.

Rav Kook and Art. Discussions with Rabbis Chaim Brovender

Liberated Bergen-Belson inmates sing Hatikvah! It will give you goose bumps.

By Rav Menachem Weinberg
Why must we explicitly also count the weeks (see TB Chagiga 17b,) and what moral message or spiritual insight does such a count engender?

During Sefirat Ha’Omer, we commemorate the death of Rabbi Akiva’s 24,000 students. Listen to this amazing shiur from Rabbi Kenneth Brander

by Rabbi Stephen Pruzansky originally published on YUTorah
The Struggle Over Jewish Identity – Brother Daniel

“Brace” yourself for an Israeli company that is taking the “bite” out of the pain of braces.

by Yehuda HaKohen

“You shall not be a gossip monger among your people, you shall not stand aside while your fellow’s blood is being shed – I am HaShem.

Watch this amazing video cover 4000 years of the history of the Holy City in only a few minutes!

Great audio Shiur from Rabbi Ari Kahn
What makes counting the Omer different from counting other things.

Israel Inspired Radio
As Ari and Jeremy return from their tours through Europe, America, Australia, and South Africa the discuss slavery we each have in our lives today.

by Rabbi Josh Gerstein
In a few days’ time, Jews around the world will gather their children around the Seder table and recount the story of the Jewish people’s Exodus from the Land of Egypt.

The Ramban’s explanation is supported by the fact that throughout the long exile of the Jewish people from our native soil, many of the countries in which we wandered had become great powers on the world stage.

When the psalmist wrote of the Jewish People returning home to the land of Israel… This is what he meant!

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