Jerusalem and Tel Aviv seem so different, there seems to be no possible way they could be connected, aside from Route 1 – yet they should be!

In the next article in the series “The Palestinians, the Philistines and Anti-Semitism Today”, Rav Doron Perez looks at the parallels between the ancient Philistine-Israel battle, and the modern Israel-Palestine conflict

Are we required to live in Israel? How can Diaspora Jewry relate to the Mitzva of living in Israel?

Is popularity an essential part of being a good leader?

Arafat, Negative Nationalism and the Plight of the Palestinian People. The second in the series on “The Palestinians, the Philistines and Anti-Semitism Today”.

What is the amazing link between ancient Philistine and modern Palestinian anti-Semitism? The first in a three part series!

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