The Religious Zionist Shlichut Center creates a centralized process to recruit, prepare and train shlichim together with our partner organizations.

Thousands of Jewish educators are sent to communities around the world every year to strengthen Jewish roots and identity.

The Religious Zionist Shlichut Center was established by World Mizrachi, in conjunction with Torah MiTzion and World Bnei Akiva, and serves as an umbrella organization and to galvanize the organizations which train and send out shlichim to Jewish communities abroad. The Center has already significantly raised the profile of shlichut in the Religious Zionist community across Israel.

The Shlichut Center has partnered with all the Religious Zionist organizations that send shlichim – World Bnei Akiva, Torah MiTzion, the Jewish Agency, the Ministry of Education, Bat Ami, Straus-Amiel, Lavi Olami and the World Zionist Organization – to coordinate and increase the effectiveness of our work with shlichim.

The activities of the Shlichut Center include:

  • Shlichim Recruitment Conferences
  • Media & Campaigns
  • Information Center
  • Convention for Outgoing Shlichim

750 participants took part in our Shlichut Conference, and through the Shlichut Center and our partner organizations, 300 shlichim were sent to 45 countries.