Mrs Chana Silver is an international speaker and a popular teacher at several seminaries in Jerusalem and a lecturer for Aish Hatorah’s Discovery Programs and Ner L’elef Kiruv Training. She has over 30 years of expert experience in Jewish Education and Outreach. Mrs Silver has lectured around the world to many different types of people on a wide variety of eclectic, yet relevant topics. 

She is a Crisis Intervention Counselor as well as a dating coach and a marriage adviser to couples.

Mrs Silver has been leading educational trips to Poland and Europe for over 15 years.

Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, Mrs. Silver now lives in Jerusalem. With her warm Southern charm and positive outlook, she has a unique way of taking vital, pertinent issues and fusing them with classic Torah hashkafa, contemporary ideas, and psychology, to produce a down to earth, focused, and realistic approach to the challenges that we face today.

Field / Profession: Educator, Leadership & Motivation, Tour Guide

Educator at: Midrasha, Other

Speaking Topics: Torah, Israel, Community, Eretz Yisrael, Inspirational, Mussar/Character Development, Jewish Education, Family Education, Campus/Students, Other

Sample Topics - General:
These popular lectures can be geared to the many faces of the religious and not yet religious world. With some of these classes, there is information that overlaps, as there are connected ideas within them.

Aside from these topics, Mrs. Silver often creates specific, tailor-made classes to meet the needs of a particular community or group, or a series/ theme for a Shabbaton.

1] A WOMAN'S TICKET TO ETERNITY: Inner strengths within, that you didn't know you had
2] SPECIAL MITZVOS – SPECIAL WOMEN! An in depth look into the meaning and significance behind the 3 unique mitzvos given over to women
3] CREATING A BEAUTIFUL REFLECTION: A global idea of the multi-faceted concept of Tziniyus; A fresh, illuminating and upbeat approach, not dealing with the physical at all, but the underlying concepts underneath it all.
4] OUR ROLE MODELS OF YESTERYEAR: A penetrating gaze into the lives of some of our women in Tanach; Spiritual genes waiting to be grasped, absorbed and lived
5] MEN AND WOMEN: Deeper insight and hashkafa into the varied and different roles that we have been given. Learning to understand and cherish them
6] MAKING FAITH REAL: A down to earth and practical approach to bringing Hashem into your life
7] THE GIFT OF PRAYER: Our priceless connection
8] CAN I REALLY CHANGE?? GETTING IN TOUCH WITH THE INNER YOU: Optimistic and practical musings on Teshuva
9] ETERNITY: The soul/ afterlife/ NDE’s/ reincarnation; Putting meaning into the priceless moments of our lives
10] A LIFE LIVED IN PAIN: Hashkafic insights and understanding of suffering and its Divinely Ordained purpose for us in this world
11] COMFORT IN MOURNING: The do's and don'ts when someone close experiences a loss. A very informative class to really help [and not hurt] someone during shiva and way after
12] HEALING WITH HEART: Reaching out to others in their challenging and turbulent times
13] CARPE DIEM!!! Making ordinary life extraordinary! Seizing the day and creating eternity!
14] PRECIOUS LIFE - PRECIOUS ME: The gift of life and our special, unique role within it
15] Belief in ME: Understanding our exceptional role in life and creating and reaching for new realities
16] THE MAIN THING IS TO REMEMBER THAT THE MAIN THING IS THE MAIN THING: The Journey of life/ What is important to go for, and to stay away from in this world/ good hashkafa about it all/ tips and tools/ some pointers about understanding our tafkid.
17] TAKING CONTROL: Spiritual and Practical Tips to Accomplishing MORE!!
18] THE PERSON SITTING NEXT TO YOU - LOVING YOUR NEIGHBOR: The best kept secrets to enhancing your relationship with others.
19] She is You and You are Her; "Divinely Different / Totally Connected'
20] The Key to Positive Relationships: Magnifying the Divine
21] LOVE, DATING, AND MARRIAGE: Enlightening insights about these concepts for beginners. [can either be just about love and dating, or can also include some hashkafic aspects of taharas mishpacha]
22] SHADCHAN KNOW HOW: The do's and don'ts of effectively and positively helping with a shidduch
23] SUCCESSFUL DATING: Techniques, mindset, and wisdom to finding your partner in life
24] STILL IN THE DATING GAME? How to keep going/ stay optimistic/ and continue to live your life
25] BUILDING A REAL RELATIONSHIP WITH HASHEM, OURSELVES, AND OTHERS [key points of bein adam L'Makom, bein adam l'atzmo, bein adam l'chaveiro]
26] BUILDING BLOCKS OF A MARRIAGE: The components of a dymanic relationship, factors and concepts that everyone should know
27] SHIR HASHIRIM: Road Markers to Life and Redemption
28] KOHELES: The most updated WAZE! True directions for life!!
29] A JOURNEY BACK TO THE CAMPS: Moving and invigorating stories of Hashgacha Pratis and powerful lessons experienced on Poland trips connected to the camps of Aushwitz – Birkenau, Majdanek, and Treblinka; Churban Europe and our imminent redemption *INCLUDES A POWER POINT PRESENTATION
30] PORTRAIT OF A WORLD THAT WAS....AND IS - BRINGING OUR PAST INTO OUR PRESENT: Vital insights and incredible stories from the Jewish experience in Poland. A broader view of the Poland trip including Holocaust info as well as fascinating events connected to shuls, kevarim, and shtetls *INCLUDES A POWER POINT PRESENTATION
31] MY PERSONAL 180: THE STORY OF MY LIFE CHANGING ORDEAL: A very serious near-death car accident that changed the course of my life. How I struggled with it/ life decisions/ an eye opening wakeup call with reality
shattering the myth of this world [Contains concepts of Carpe Diem! Bechirah, purpose of life etc]

Sample Topics - Israel Related:
Kedusha in the Holyland
1000s of years of Jewish History - bringing the past into the present
Mekomos Hakidoshim - Our link to the past, Lessons for the Future
Tanach - Alive, Relevant, Pertinent!

Links to sample audio or videos:
Mrs Silver also has several video classes on Torah Anytime, Hidabroot, and Youtube [Just type in my name and they will come up] This is a Youtube clip [it is about 8 minutes long] that Mrs Silver did for Rabbi Hanoch Teller's film on the Noam Elimelech:

Available for online live video shiurim

Languages: English

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