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Mrs. Karen Hochhauser is an administrator, teacher and the Director of Alumnae Affairs at Tiferet, a post high school midrasha in Ramat Beit Shemesh. Before making Aliyah in 2007, she was a teacher and the director of Israel guidance at Hillel Yeshiva High School in Deal, NJ. She also previously served as an educational coordinator and researcher for the Agency for Jewish Education and the Jewish Federation of Detroit. Mrs. Hochhauser is originally from New Jersey has a BA in English Literature and MA in Jewish Education from Yeshiva University.

Field / Profession: Educator, Leadership & Motivation

Educator at: Midrasha, Other

Speaking Topics: Torah, Israel, Eretz Yisrael, Inspirational, Mussar/Character Development, Family Education, Halacha & the Modern World, Campus/Students

Sample Topics - General:
Structure and analysis of Sifrei Tanach
Fundamental concepts in Jewish Philosophy
Dating and Marriage
Taharat Hamishpacha
Great Speeches in Jewish History
Using failure as a stepping stone to success
Development of one's middot and character through the eyes of Tanach and Chazal

Sample Topics - Israel Related:
Shivat Tzion
The impact of the year in Israel
The best mindset for a successful aliya
The land of Israel in Tanach- the physical manifestation of G-d's relationship wth Klal Yisrael
Rav Soloveitchik and the State of Israel

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Languages: English

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