Rachel Rudman has been teaching post high school women in Israel for the past 34 years. She presently is the mechanechet of the shana bet program at Michlalah where she also teaches a number of elective courses. In addition she teaches at Midreshet Tehilla and Chedvas Beis Yaakov. She has been a kallah teacher for over 30 years. She also lectures for Torah Box– an online shiur website.

Field / Profession: Educator

Educator at: Midrasha

Speaking Topics: Torah, Inspirational, Mussar/Character Development, Jewish Education, Family Education

Sample Topics - General:
Living Bitachon
Avraham Avinu's nisyonot and me
The tents of Yaakov
Living in the footsteps of the Avot and Imahot
Do I really mourn the Beit Hamikdash
The power of speech in building a marriage
The severity of anger
Avodat Hamiddot
Challenges in Chinuch

Sample Topics - Israel Related:
The uniqueness of Israel

Links to sample audio or videos:

Languages: English, Hebrew

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