Simi Peters is an internationally acclaimed Jewish educator based at Nishmat in Jerusalem. She is the author of Learning to Read Midrash, a critically acclaimed and popular book on Midrash. Simi has also worked in teacher education and as Text Consultant for the JCCA of North America’s award-winning Ethical Start ® curriculum. With unique expertise in Tanach, Biblical commentary, and Midrash, she specializes in providing access to a wide variety of classic Jewish texts for audiences at all levels of Jewish literacy and experience. Simi’s innovative approach to text study is ground-breaking. Her interactive lecture style is warm, inclusive and intellectually engaging. Simi is currently at work on her second book on Midrash. She lives with her family in Jerusalem.

Field / Profession: Educator

Educator at: Midrasha

Speaking Topics: Torah, Other

Sample Topics - General:
Vashti's Tail and Other Tales: Midrash for Adults
Life After Loss: Jeremiah and Lamentations
The Pagan Mind in Biblical Narrative
Veils and Twins, Surrogates, and Trophy Husbands: Sexual Politics in Midrash
The First Murder
Does Clothing Make the Man? Attire in Tanakh
When Rashi Says Strange Things
Saving Yosef and the Cities of Refuge
Noah and the Talking Raven
Power and Mutuality in Megillat Esther
Social Aspects of Teshuva

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Languages: English, Hebrew

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