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Barnea Levi Selavan, 59, was born in Chicago and grew up in Pittsburgh, recieving semicha from HaGaon HaRav Ruderman Zatzal at Ner Yisrael and Kerem Yeshivot, and made aliya in 1982. Married to the former Shoshanah Hirsch of Atlanta, they raised five children and live in the Old City. Barnea has been guiding for 35 years, authored a book on the Old City, and is completing an MA and starting a PhD program at Tel Aviv University, where he earned his archaeologist license and became a professional editor.

As CoDirector of Foundation Stone, Barnea shares in developing educational programs and media based on Israel, its geography and archaeology. The LandMinds podcast shares insights with the general public from scholars in the field, while TOARCH -Torah Archaeology programs bring this knowledge into the hands of educators and communities overseas. Rabbi Selavan played a key role in initiating the educational-based excavation of ancient Tel Yavne, birthplace of modern Judaism, which he and his team hope to continue, at the official invitation of the Israel Antiquities Authority.   

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