​Rabbi Eli Deutsch is an acclaimed speaker and author who motivates Jews of all backgrounds to take a fresh look at life by presenting thought provoking ideas in a manner that is inspirational and user friendly. Rabbi Eli meets with countless Birthright and MASA groups each year to infuse their Israel experience with a religiously uplifting message that is paradigm-shifting for the participants. He also counsels couples using Male-Female Dynamic™ methodology, a systematic approach he developed based on Kabbalistic teachings that successfully reboots, revamps, and revolutionizes relationships quickly and with long lasting effect.
Rabbi Eli is also the author of numerous books, including Jewish By Choice and The Case For Judaism.

Chana Deutsch is a relationship expert and mentor. She specializes in helping women in relationships and not-yet-in relationships foster the connection, intimacy and love they desire. As a Kallah teacher and an educator in Tanach and Women’s Issues, Chana began learning, practicing and teaching down-to-earth strategies designed for women to get in touch with and bring forth their authentic, vulnerable, feminine self. By shifting the focus from shame to dignity, from control to intimacy, from feminism to femininity, Chana has become the beacon of light for women in Jerusalem who want to transform their relationships from a state of disconnect, struggle and lack of understanding to one of mutual respect, communication and intimate tender connection.
Chana is certified as a Kallah teacher by the Israeli Rabbinate and Rebbetzin Shani Taragin and has trained with Laura Doyle and Dr. John Gottman. She also ​serves as a Temple Institute scholar. 

For the last 15 years, Rabbi Eli and Rebbetzin Chana, along with their family, have hosted more than 10,000 students and travelers from across the world for weekly inspirational Shabbat meals.

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