Rabbi Sgt. Major Jeremy Gimpel is one of Israel’s premier Jewish media personalities. He’s the founder of The Land of Israel Network and host of “Israel Inspired”, a podcast with millions of views on YouTube & iTunes, in over 120 countries.

He is also the founder of Chavat Arugot Center for Jewish Spirituality. A Retreat Center and organic farm in the Judean Mountains. 

Rabbi Gimpel enrolled into the IDF’s Givati Infintry Brigade. Today he serves as a Sargent Major in the IDF reserves. During the last war in Gaza commanding a platoon soldiers, he was injured in action.   

Today Jeremy lives with his wife Tehila and six children in Chavat Arugot.

Field / Profession: Educator

Educator at: Yeshiva, Midrasha, Academic, Other

Speaking Topics: Torah, Israel, Politics, Eretz Yisrael, Inspirational, Mussar/Character Development, Family Education, Campus/Students

Sample Topics - Israel Related:
Are You Israel Inspired? Believing in Jewish Destiny From the Tanach until Today
Victories of Biblical Proportions- The Hidden & Revealed Miracles of 1948 and 1967

Links to sample audio or videos:

Personal website: www.thelandofisrael.com

Languages: English, Hebrew

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