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Rav Judah Mischel is Executive Director of Camp HASC, the Hebrew Academy for Special Children. He is the Mashpiah of OU-NCSY,  founder of Tzama Nafshi and the author of newly published Baderech: Along the Path of Teshuva (Mosaica Press, Elul 5781). Rav Judah lives in Ramat Beit Shemesh with his wife Ora and their family.

Field / Profession: Educator, Business & Management, Leadership & Motivation

Educator at: Yeshiva, Other

Speaking Topics: Torah, Israel, Community, Eretz Yisrael, Inspirational, Mussar/Character Development, Family Education, Campus/Students

Sample Topics - General:
1) Turn Friday Night into Shabbos: Five Steps Toward a More Meaningful Shabbat2) Mindfully Yours: A Torah Approach to Mindfulness & Meditation
3) Modern-Orthodox Chassidus?
4) A Jewish View on Special Needs
5) Kabbalah for Non-Kabbalists
6) Finding Depth & Meaning in Jewish Holidays
7) How to Get Up, When Feeling Down

Sample Topics - Israel Related:
1) Cultivating a Connection to Israel, from Far & Close
2) Renaissance of the Holy: Pop Music & Piyutim in Israel Today
3) Chasidei Eretz HaKodesh: New Models of Spiritual Renewal in Modern Israel
4) Teachings of Rav Kook on Assorted Topics: Family Life / Chagim/ Prayer / Poetry
5) Israel's Greatest Generals
6) The Holy Cities of Israel: In Inside-Out View
7)Conquest of the Land - A Kabbalistic View
8) On the Gallows: Israel's Underground Heroes

Links to sample audio or videos:
Sicha at Yeshiva University: Just A Little Bit

Personal website:

Languages: English, Hebrew

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