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Rabbi Shalom Hammer serves as a senior lecturer for the Jewish Identity Branch of the IDF. He is also the founder and director of Makom Meshutaf, which advocates tolerance and unity between religious and secular Jews in Israel through educational programs. Rabbi Hammer is a contributing writer for The Jerusalem Post and author of five books and serves as a speaker for the Menachem Begin Heritage Center as well as for communities throughout the Diaspora including the United States, UK, South Africa and Australia.

Field / Profession: Educator

Educator at: Other

Speaking Topics: Torah, Israel, Community, Eretz Yisrael, Inspirational, Family Education, Campus/Students

Sample Topics - General:
Off the Beaten Path: Observations on the Rejection of Observance
Trial and Tribulation: Keeping the Faith
Remembrance: The History of Jewish Survival

Sample Topics - Israel Related:
To Begin Again: Perspectives on Israel and the IDF
What are We Fighting For? The Challenges of instilling Ideology in the IDF
Jewish Heroism: Mind with Matter
The Awakening of Jewish Identity in Israel
Israel’s Struggle for Survival and Vision of Continuity
The Ultra-Orthodox and the IDF: Contrasting Philosophy or Common Ideology?

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Languages: English, Hebrew

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