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Rabbi Shlomo Brody, founding director of the Tikvah Overseas Students Institute, is a columnist for The Jerusalem Post and a presidential doctoral fellow at Bar Ilan University Law School. He previously served for a decade as a senior instructor at Yeshivat Hakotel and as a junior research fellow at the Israel Democracy Institute. His writings on Jewish law and contemporary ethical dilemmas have appeared in prominent publications like First Things, Hakirah, The Federalist, Tablet, and Mosaic, and have been cited in Israeli Supreme Court decisions. His book, A Guide to the Complex: Contemporary Halakhic Debates (Maggid), received a 2014 National Jewish Book Award. Rabbi Brody received his BA from Harvard University and MA from The Hebrew University. He lives with his family in Modiin.

Field / Profession: Educator, Government & Politics

Educator at: Yeshiva, Midrasha, Academic

Speaking Topics: Torah, Israel, Politics, Eretz Yisrael, Halacha & the Modern World, Campus/Students

Sample Topics - General:
Does Jewish Law Demand Me to Vote Republican or Democrat? Halakhic Perspectives on Public Morality and Public Policy
Does Halakha Recognize a Right to Bear Arms? Jewish Perspectives on Gun Control
When Leaders Sin: May Disgraced Rabbis or Politicians Repent and Return to Power?
Pesak Halakha, Trust, and Transparency in the Age of Google
Do We Stand Alone Before God? Divine Helpers in our Prayers and our Lives
Orthodox Women Rabbis: Traditional Breach or Breach of Tradition?
“Shabbosdik” - Halakhic Principle or My Rabbi’s Excuse? The Examples of Automatic Cars, Shabbos Switch and Exercising on Shabbat
Will There Be Korbanot in a 3rd Beit Ha-Mikdash?
Judaism and Fundamentalism: The Case of Amalek
Judaism and Fundamentalism: The Case of Saving Gentiles on Shabbat

Sample Topics - Israel Related:
Power, Money, and Diplomacy: The $6 Billion Dilemma of Israel’s Arms Industry
Halakha or Liberty? The Question of Civil Marriage in Israel
Is Halakha Different in Israel and the Diaspora? The Impact of Zionism on Halakhic Rulings
Does Being Dati Leu'mi Make Me a Fundamentalist Ultra-Nationalist? Religious Zionism in Unsettling Political Times
What’s the Most Controversial Pasuk in the Torah? Medieval and Modern Perspectives on the Timely Meaning of Torah
Better Dead Than Alive? The Controversy over Killing a Neutralized Terrorist
Can Halakha Run a Justice System? The Case of a "State's Witness"
Halakhic Perspectives on Torture and Witness Interrogation
The Ethics of Nukes and Drones: Halakhic Ruminations on 21st Century Warfare

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Languages: English, Hebrew

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