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Rabbi Yehoshua Grunstein received rabbinic ordination from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and holds a BA in Education from Herzog College. Formerly the Rabbi of the Beth Israel Synagogue in Halifax, Canada, and formerly Director of Training and Placement at the Straus-Amiel Institute of Ohr Torah Stone, Rabbi Grunstein serves as Director of Development of North America at Tzohar, and is part of the founding faculty of the English speaking Kollel of Efrat. An experienced rabbi, mentoring Rabbis daily from around the Globe, sought out clergy for life-cycle events, writer and popular lecturer in Israel and around the world, he is the author of “Daven Your Age (2013), “Beyond Routine” (2018), “Musings of a Minyaner” (2021), co-editor of “Machzor Vechai Bhahem” and has over 1,000 recorded classes online in both Hebrew and English.

Field / Profession: Educator, Business & Management, Leadership & Motivation

Educator at: Other

Recent Places Spoken/Recommendations:
Beth Zion, Montreal, Rabbi Yamin Benarrouch Birmingham Central Synagogue, Birmingham, UK, Geoffrey Clements Kehillat Ohr Tzion, Buffalo, NY, Rabbi Ori Bergman

Speaking Topics: Torah, Israel, Politics, Community, Eretz Yisrael, Inspirational, Mussar/Character Development, Halacha & the Modern World, Other

Sample Topics - General:
A. The contemporary Jewish community
1. Halachik Preference versus Jewish Reality: Which TRUMPS Which?
2. Jewish Mediocrity as…Ideology?
3. “Let’s hear a Dvar Torah”- The Tragedy of our Generation
4. “Glatt Kosher”- Limited to food?
5. Is Modern-Orthodoxy NUANCING Itself Out of Commission?
6. “In the Conversion Process”- Still a Gentile, or just “Not a Jew yet?”
7. Being Normal & Jewish; Possible, Impossible or Halachik Imperative?
8. What to LEARN if TIME is LIMITED?
9. Women & Orthodoxy- Opportunities, Evolutions & Revolutions
10. Filtered Phones; Do we DEAL or DODGE?
11. Conversion: Can it be NULLIFIED?
12. The "Half-Jew" - Fantasy or Halachik reality?
13. Can I disagree with a “Gadol”?
14. “I’m Machmir”; Being Stringent Properly
15. Why DON'T we PASKEN like the RAMA?
16. The Non-Religious Jew in the Religious Community
17. "When all is lost”= The "new" Jewish Holidays.
18. Facebook, Friends, and staying a Human –Being.
19. When Continuing the Tradition…is the SIN
20. Inducing Mitzvot- Preferable or Terrible?
21. Fast & Now= Foul language
22. Does Halacha change with life?
23. Does Halacha FLEX for the sake of Outreach?
24. Lyrics or Law- How can we insure the next link in the chain?
25. "Two Jews=five opinions;" Should we laugh or cry?

B. A Jew at Prayer ["Davening" versus "Davened"]
1. Why do Jews like to have Davened but dislike Davening?
2. Prayer: Is Life part of Shul?
3. Shacharit versus Musaf: The Real & Ideal
4. “Work of the heart” or “Daily annoyances?"
5. Praying with a Minyan; Why should Jews come to shul?
6. Minyan; Sinners are the basis of our quorum?
7. And for your Miracles that are with us…EACH DAY?”
8. Mizmor LeToda;=Thanks for nothing!
9. Jewish Prayer- Global or Particular?
10. “Near", "no Far", said the two-headed monsters.
11. “Shuckling”- Why can’t Jews stand still in prayer?
12. We Pray…for Dew?
13. “Service of the Heart,” or “Service of the Siddur”?
14. “Aleinu;’ the end or just the beginning?
15. Shir Shel Yom; what WAS or what IS?
16. Musaf; Reaching for the Ideal, Dealing with the Real.
17. Prayer; The emotional Roller-Coaster of LIFE.
18. The “Petition” of Shabbat
19. Davening with a Cellphone- Prohibited or Paramount?
20. Can I learn & text during the "Chazzan's Repetition"?

C. General & Yearly Cycle
1. "Just Rabbinic"- Will of G-d, or will of the Rabbis?
2. "The Torah NEVER Changed"- REALLY?
3. The Status of Erev Shabbat
4. "Turn Friday into Shabbat"- Surreal Slogan or Possible?
5. Havdalah; The Secret of Jewish Survival
6. The Daily "Twilight;"= The Human Predicament
7. "Yes sir" or "Why"- what's the Jewish way?
8. Will “Sefira” yet be happy again?
9. Jews versus Judaism – Which TRUMPS which?
10. Serving G-d without “training wheels.”
11. Shabbat versus Yom Tov; Auto pilot versus Flying the Plane.
12. My three weekly Sabbaths
13. Happiness versus a "Thriller"- are they the same?
14. Tefillin; a Story of the Hand & Heart
15. Laining; Learning or Experiencing the Torah?
16. “Make a Shabbos”; How do we properly "Rest?"
17. Shabbat- Appreciate what you have when you lack!
18. A Sense of Humor: a Prescription for the Awe of Heaven
19. Just 1 day [or two] of Shavuot?
20. Mourning the Temple; Living an “as if" lifestyle
21. Post Tisha Bav; does the Mourning really end?
22. Rosh Chodesh- a time to feast or a time to grieve?

Sample Topics - Israel Related:
1. "Rabbis" versus "the Rabbinate"
2. Conversion in Israel- Impossible for Non-Jews?
3. Israel; still the "Dawning of our Redemption"?
4. Speaking English in Israel-a Mitzva?
5. Will Israelis and Judaism yet celebrate a reunion?
6. “Dati” & “Charedi”-Aren’t we on the same side?
7. “Next year in Jerusalem" – Can I be a Religious Zionist living abroad?

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Languages: English, Hebrew

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